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From 1927 the manufacturer and much more…


The company’s strong point is quality. CGR Ghinassi parts are perfectly interchangeable with the genuine equivalents and provide the highest guarantees of strength and durability. Constant striving for exceptional production standards has allowed it to obtain undisputed results in terms of reliability and precision.

  • CGR Pins and bushing are designed to withstand heavy load and/or high speed conditions. They guarantees smooth and effic...

  • Gaskets use compression to provide an airtight, leak-free seal between mating parts. CGR seals are designed using the pe...

  • The manufacturing processes are carried out using special and specific tools to obtain tolerances precise to the hundred...

  • Excellent precision finishing for an optimal aesthetic result. Production processes carried out using special and specif...

CGR Ghinassi
distribution network


Through our network of dealers, we effectively cater to the needs of the Italian, European, and global markets. This ensures the provision of top-notch products, punctual delivery, and expert assistance.


More than 90 years of experience as a manufacturer in the worldwide spare parts market


CGR Ghinassi, founded in 1927, holds the distinction within the GB Group as the enterprise with the longest and richest operational heritage in the global spare parts market. Its core expertise lies in furnishing interchangeable components tailored for industrial earthmoving equipment. In addition to pumps, drivelines, and drive shafts, significant emphasis is placed on cylinder heads, undoubtedly the pinnacle of its product range.




Improving quality and efficiency through strategic investments and automation


CGR Ghinassi oversees every step of the production process, starting from the foundry and extending all the way to the final product. Through its advanced manufacturing facility in Ravenna and the state-of-the-art automated warehouses situated at the new Group headquarters in Nonantola (Modena), CGR Ghinassi ensures a faster and highly efficient service.



Warehouse and logistics

CGR Ghinassi team means qualified technical service


We started operations as a producer of spare parts for earthmoving machinery. Our ability to design parts from scratch and almost 100 years of industry experience have given us the technical expertise needed to provide skilled technical service, even during emergencies.



CGR Ghinassi Team

Sustainability: the continuous investment of CGR Ghinassi


We are committed to continually investing in expanding our product range, internally generating some of the energy needed for plant operations, adopting LED lighting systems, and maximizing the recycling of waste generated. These choices reflect our daily commitment to a sustainable business model




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