Gasket kits!

Gaskets use compression to provide an airtight, leak-free seal between matching parts.
CGR seals are designed using the perfect combination of material and profile to deliver the performance intended by the manufacturer for your application.
CGR gaskets and rings are made with materials suitable for the fluids and to withstands the temperatures and pressures present in engines and machines.



Reasons to choose with confidence CGR Gasket kits

Accurate and specific quality controls:

  • order a single part number an get all components for your application: gaskets, oil seals, O-rings and other seals necessary for the complete overhaul.
  • convenient to handle: pre-packaged, ordered with a single product code and delivered in a single box, saving you time and money
  • the materials resist wear and extrusion and provide superior resistance to seal compression
  • the dimensions of our gaskets and rings are consistently held within tight tolerances to ensure a proper fitting into seal seats with the necessary gasket compression
  • the high quality of the CGR gasket kits protects your investments by increasing the longevity of your engine


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